Human hormone for weight loss

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)  is a hormone which is produced by the placenta of the  female body during pregnancy. It appears in the blood of the pregnant woman on the 11th day of the conception. In the urine the hormone can be detected twelve to fourteen days after conception.

The HCG hormone

The HCG hormone has a direct influence on the hypothalamus gland by which it helps in burning the extra fat of the body at a high rate. The research carried out by Dr. Simon about 50 years back revealed that it is possible to get the same effect of fat burning when HCG is taken in the form of tablet, injection, drops or sprays. The HCG supplied externally is able to burn the excess fat and in the process enhance the weight loss. This hcg weight loss protocol has become quite popular and many people have got amazing results which they have narrated in various internet reviews.

The medicine is prepared after extracting the natural human hormone and then diluting it to the required dilution so that the hcg can be safely charged into the human body. The usual method of taking the hcg drops is dropping it under the individual’s tongue. This medicine is then supplemented by a low calorie diet which is skillfully designed in various phases for accomplishing the required intended effects on the body mechanism. The total calorie intake is required to be limited to 500 calorie per day.

The mode of working

The hcg hormone once inside the body system will work on the hypothalamus triggering it to become overactive. This helps in burning the excess fats of the body. It also works on the parts of the brain which controls appetite thus creating a condition when the body decides that it does not need any food and the patient feels fullness in his stomach. Thus the hcg weight loss regime works double edged.